Frequently Asked Questions

Please explain how the virtual event is going to take place?

A software application has been developed with the ability for our delegates to access the live/ recorded presentations and panel discussions and an exhibition space has been created from where our exhibitors can do business.

What activities will take place on the Software Application (APP)?

The re- packaged symposium over four days, the virtual exhibition and interaction between speakers. Delegates and exhibitors

Will I be able to download the App?

The link will be forwarded to you after you have confirmed to participate

Will the APP be protected and how will I log in?

The App will be protected by providing you with an access code to log in with 

If I have registered for the event in PE, will I be included in the list of Registered Delegates for the Virtual Event?

An email has been sent to you asking for you to confirm your participation. Please respond urgently. If you have not received it please send an email to

I am not registered for the event or exhibition. Will I be able to be accommodated?

Please send to request with a motivation to

What is going to happen to the symposium? Will the programme be the same as the original one?

For a period of four days spead over one week selected pockets or clusters of presentations will be broadcasted at the time specified on the programme. You will be able to access the presentations once you have logged in with your security code and selected the Symposium widget on the Home page. The programme can be found on our webpage

Will I be able to access the presentations after the live engagement?

Yes, you will. It will also be available on our website.

Will I be able to ask questions during the online symposium?

Yes, there is a timeslot allocated for you to log questions electronically during the event.  From the questions an appointed moderator will select the most relevant questions to be posed to the presenter((s). 

How will the process of questions and answers be managed online?

Only Minutes are allocated for question time after a presentation/ panel discussion. The moderator will pose the questions one by one to the speaker to answer.

Will I be able to visit and consult the Registered Exhibitors online?

When you log in to the App you will be able to click on the exhibition widget on the home screen. Once you click on it you will be enter the exhibition area.  There you will find the various exhibitors’ logos with a description. With a click you will enter the exhibitor’s stand.

How will delegates be encouraged to visit the exhibitors and attend and participate in the event?

A rewarding game/ competition will be employed to create ensure movement and participation. More detail to follow shortly.

How will I be able to engage with exhibitors?

Exhibitors will be on duty when you visit their stand. You can either speak to each other by means of Zoom or you will be able to send emails to the exhibitor.

Will there be a fun activity during the event?

We are planning a virtual networking event on the day before the event. More information will be available on how it will work. Please visit our website.

Will there be any promotional activities taking place during the event?

Exhibitors will make special deals available to be used for the competition.  The exhibitors are alsop encouraged to have a promiotional activity at the stand.

What do I do if I haven’t got the financial means to procure data to participate in the event?

Please send an email to info@ec  with infromation

Will I be able to access the presentations after the event?

The recorded presentations and discussions will be saved on the App and the event website for future viewings. 

Where will I get more information on the event?

Please visit our website or send an email to with your questions