Applications must be made using the digital application form (see http:www.ecexportsymposium.co.za) and will constitute a formal expression of intent.



The Eastern Cape Export Symposium, takes the theme in 2023 of: “Global Trade Developments: Opportunity knocks!” The opportunity is magnified by global supply chain upheavals, developing trade agreements and is further strengthened by the African Free Trade Agreement and its incentives for intra-African trade. The Export Symposium and Exhibition 2023 will provide a learning platform with information sharing and networking (market-access) opportunities indispensible to exporters, the export supply chain as well as the agencies mandated to support export growth.

DATE: 17 and 18 August, excluding set-up and strike days.


Exhibition space: 3m x 3m

Includes: Exhibition shell scheme with exhibitor’s name printed onto facia board;  1 table and 2 chairs, electrical supply. Additional services are available on request at www.ecexportsymposium.co.za

Exhibitor benefits

  • Company name in list of exhibitors on Export Symposium online homepage;
  • Company name will be published in the conference programme.


Applications for exhibition space must be made using the exhibition application form available at: http://www.ecexportsymposium.co.za/index.html

The form must be signed by a competent person. By signing the exhibition application form, the booking is binding. This agreement shall remain in full force and effect in case of merger or acquisition of the contracting company.


  • The company must have been in operation for two years.
  • The company must already have an export-ready product
  • The company must submit the following documents:
  • company registration documents,
  • export registration certificate,
  • Company profile
  • Product picture

Approved exhibitors will be required to be present in East London over all the days of the symposium.  Applications should not be made if the applicant cannot fulfill this requirement.

Exhibition stands must be completed (dressed), and ready on 16 August and the exhibition space is to resourced by a company representative at all event times (generally between 8am and 5pm).


The total exhibition fee for approved Eastern Cape-based applicants is sponsored by ECDC, Buffalo City Metro and Nelson Mandela Bay Metro.

Exhibitors based outside of the Eastern Cape are required to pay the stipulated exhibition fee (R12 000 exc VAT)

Submitting an application to exhibit does not guarantee or confirm the submitter of an exhibition space. All applications will be adjudicated. Approved exhibitors will be notified several weeks before the event date.

Approved exhibitors are required to organise their own transport, accommodation and meals.


Cancellations and changes to your original booking must be made in writing and emailed to support@inkanyezi.co.za at least 14 days prior to the event. The onus is on the applicant to ensure that such communication has been received by the organisers.




In order to be considered for the Exhibition, an application form must be completed and signed by a legally competent individual, and delivered before the deadline to Inkanyezi Events Organizers a service provider contracted by Eastern  Cape Development Corporation to coordinate the Eastern Export Symposium and Exhibition. However, mailing or delivering the Application Form to the Inkanyezi Event Organizers does not constitute acceptance or confirmation, neither a formal agreement that the Sponsor/Exhibitor’s application will be accepted. Contractual Conditions are constituted only after Inkanyezi Event Organizers has sent written confirmation of acceptance to the Sponsor/ Exhibitor. In case of acceptance, exhibitors will be bound by the Terms and Conditions for Sponsors & Exhibitors.

The Eastern Cape Development Corporation reserves the right to refuse any application to exhibit without giving cause. Exhibition space is allotted according to the terms and conditions as listed in the Information for Exhibitors. Any company that disobeys the directives of the Eastern Cape Export Symposium and Exhibition may be excluded from the exhibition by Inkanyezi Event Organizers. Such companies are liable for the whole payment, and for all incidental expenses including any value added tax. All oral agreements, special permissions and special arrangements are valid only upon receipt of written confirmation.


Exhibition booths may only be used for exhibiting and advertising the Exhibitor’s own products, materials or services as described in the application form. Advertising materials may be distributed only within the confines of the booth. Any promotion outside the respective exhibition space is forbidden (such as distributing flyers etc.). The partial or complete subleasing or otherwise relinquishing of a booth to a third party, as well as private agreements for switching booths or floor space between two exhibitors is prohibited. Inkanyezi Event Organizers   reserves the right to enter any booth at any time. Booths need to be occupied during exhibition hours. The exhibition halls are to be used only during regular opening hours. It is strictly forbidden for companies, which are not exhibitors, to advertise in any way in the exhibition hall or in the entrances to the exhibition hall.


The Inkanyezi Event Organizers reserves the right to revise the time and location of the exhibition (including the floorplan) or to shorten the duration of the exhibition. Any change regarding the time and duration of the exhibition does not entitle the exhibitor to cancel the contract nor to put forward a claim for damages incurred by these changes.


Equipment and all related display materials installed by exhibitors are not insured by the Eastern Cape Development Corporation or Inkanyezi Event Organizers or the venue and they will under no circumstances be liable for any loss, damage or destruction caused to equipment, goods or property belonging to exhibitors. The Exhibitor agrees to be responsible for their property and personnel, and for the property and personnel and for any third party who may visit his space to be covered by full and comprehensive insurance, The Eastern Cape Development Corporation and Inkanyezi Event Organizers will not be liable for any injuries to the personnel of sponsors/exhibitors attending the event.


To ensure the smooth running of the exhibition, Exhibitors must obey all directives and instructions of Inkanyezi Events Organizers regarding the use of booths, their decoration, the use of self-designed and self-constructed booths, and the fitting and furnishings of the booths. Before setting up their booths displays / installations, exhibitors must first contact Inkanyezi Event Organizers and reconfirm placement of the booth as well as inform themselves of any special regulations relating to their booth. Standard side and back walls of booths are to be 3m x 3m and (2 and a half) metres high. For any variation from this norm, specific permission must be obtained in advance. Written permission also needs to be obtained for any changes in the size or structure of the floor space, or for any changes to any additional rented objects/facilities. Written permission is also to be secured for the display of vehicles and machinery that requires 3 phase power or which weighs more than 200kg.

Booths must be set up and completed during the timeframe designated. An Exhibitor or advertising company contracted by the Exhibitor who wishes to set up a booth or exhibit of their own design and construction must first submit sketches and plans with a statement of colour schemes of such a booth or exhibit. The Inkanyezi Events Organizers reserves the right to demand changes in such booths or exhibits should safety regulations, technical requirements, or the responsibility of preserving or obtaining the best possible overall image for the exhibition, as judged by the Inkanyezi Events Organizers may require. Exhibitors must avoid obstructing the view of or access to neighbouring booths. Special care must be taken to avoid the use of lights or spotlights that may annoy visitors or neighbouring booths. Should an exhibitor not follow the directives of the Inkanyezi Events Organizers or not carry out such directives within a reasonable time, the Inkanyezi Events Organizers reserves the right to take the necessary steps at the cost of the Exhibitor. The Inkanyezi Events Organizers reserves the right to close or obstruct unused entrances or exits to the exhibition rooms and the right to direct the Exhibitor to another space in the exhibition hall, if necessary, even if this directive conflicts with previous written agreements. The Inkanyezi Events Organizers also reserves the right to give away floor space of a booth not finished on time to another applicant. In such a case, the Exhibitor is responsible for all costs arising from the cancellation.


Sponsors/Exhibitors are responsible for the proper care of the floors, walls, staircases and storage rooms as well as the hired booths and furnishings. Hired booths and furnishings must be returned in an acceptable condition and in an orderly way. To avoid scratches and furrows on floors as the result of sliding heavy packing cases, exhibitors are required to use protective coverings. Exhibitors and their shipping agents, on specific orders from the exhibitor, must take special care when transporting heavy packing cases and heavy loads. Exhibitors who wish to display extra heavy exhibits demanding special supports or foundations must request prior permission specifically in this matter from the Inkanyezi Event Organizers, It is not permitted to drive nails or hooks into the walls of the exhibition hall, to install electric wiring or to cut or drill holes in the walls of the rented booths. Empty containers and packing materials must be disposed of at the exhibitor’s expense before the start of the exhibition; cleaning the booth is the Exhibitor’s responsibility.

No part of an exhibition booth may be suspended from the ceiling. No part of an exhibit or of the booth’s structure may protrude beyond the allotted area on any side. No signboards may protrude beyond the booth’s walls. Decorating materials and wallpaper used by the exhibitor must be fire-proof. Prior to use, written proof of this fact must be presented to the Inkanyezi Event Organizers. Police regulations, fire regulations and other official regulations must be observed at all times, including during the construction and dismantling of the exhibits.


Any costs related to a main power supply for a booth and the wattage of the booth’s electric equipment is included in the subsidised rental fee. Electrical installations within the booth are at the Exhibitor’s expense; however, such installations may only be carried out by an electrician appointed by the congress venue. The Eastern Development Corporation and Inkanyezi Event Organizers however is not responsible for any loss or damage, which may occur from interruptions or defects in the electric power supply, including that caused by power outages.


Upon leaving, the Exhibitor must clear the booth area and clean the floor. Stored materials, empty containers and packing materials must be disposed of. Items for which the Exhibitor has made no arrangements regarding removal and storage at his/her cost and which are left behind become the property of the Inkanyezi Event Organizers, and no reimbursement will be made for such items, The Inkanyezi Event Organizers can demand that Exhibitors restore the exhibition area to the original condition at the Exhibitor’s expense. If the Exhibitor does not dismantle and clear away their exhibit in a timely manner, these items will be removed by the Inkanyezi Event Organizers at the Exhibitor’s cost. The Exhibitor is liable for the actual cost incurred by the Inkanyezi Event Organizers for such removals of abandoned exhibits. Rented items, which were originally accepted as satisfactory for rental by the exhibitor, are to be returned undamaged and in a satisfactory condition. All rented items are considered to be in satisfactory condition unless a written notation signed by the Inkanyezi Event Organizers is made at the time of rental. Exhibitors must bear the costs of repairs to damaged exhibition areas and of repairs of or necessary cleaning of rented items.


The contract shall remain in full force and effect in case of merger or acquisition of the contracting company. The dimensions of floor space, booth measurements and rented items given are approximate. The Inkanyezi Event Organizers reserves the right to change these dimensions in order to most efficiently use the available exhibition area and to adjust the booths to the blueprints of the exhibition halls. Special requests regarding placement of the booths will be considered. However, such requests do not constitute a condition of registration on the part of the Exhibitor. Furthermore, the Inkanyezi Event Organizers reserves the right to reduce the amount of floor space initially requested. Failure to comply with local authorities and international regulations may not be used as a ground to declare the contract void. Failure to comply with the Rules and Regulations will not expose the Inkanyezi Event Organizers to any suits or demands by the Exhibitor and/or any third party. Exhibitors must bear the cost of any special installations.


Email:  exhibition@ecexportsymposium.co.za


Email: beachbreakbnbel@gmail.com
Telephone: +27 82 553 3572