A total of 40 physical exhibition stalls will be available at the ELICC for companies to promote their businesses and display their goods and services to a group of potential investors and seasoned export experts. A chance to strategically position themselves through profiling what they have to offer will lead to an acceleration in global export trading.

  • Eastern Cape-based exhibitors may apply to receive a 100% subsidy (exhibit free)
  • Exhibitors based outside of the Eastern Cape Province may apply to exhibit at a rate of R12 000 excl VAT.

For more information email: exhibition@ecexportsymposium.co.za

How to Register

- 1 -

Fill in the registration form and submit it: CLICK HERE TO APPLY TO EXHIBIT


- 2 -

Please note the exhibition is only physical.


- 3 -

Prepare and send your promotional material (Logos, Pictures, Video’s, etc.) for consideration.


- 4 -

Your application will be reviewed and approved after the closing date.


Position your company strategically post pandemic

Get to learn how Global trade affects your business

Raise your company profile

Meet seasoned experts and learn from them

Get to participate in the Eastern Cape Economic recovery plan