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Castellano Beltrame

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Few companies can boast as loyal a team of craftsmen as Castellano Beltrame. Our designers and craftsmen employ skills handed down through the generations using the finest materials selected from the world. The result is a distinctive collection of passementrie and beautiful accessories, crafted with care and to express the love for this ancient form of art, where tassels were created simply for the enjoyment, throughout the centuries in all cultures. Nestled in the Eastern Cape, South Africa, 50 craftsmen create, plait, twist, weave and hand craft collections of tassels, tiebacks, tassel fringes, braids, cords, bullions, ruches and rosettes.Feel the heartbeat of Castellano Beltrame. Experience the source of talent. Castellano Beltrame is in living motion.

Company Representative

Claudia Heywood

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043 731 1066 / 072 604 8083