Business Discription

KOLIMONTY (PTY) LTD (2019/383928/07) is an East London based Engineering Company. Focuses on General Merchandise and Construction corks. The company was established in August 2019 by the Principal owner/Director Mr Samuel Abejide. This fast growing establishment gave birth to the need to deliver quality services to clients who are in need of tailor made solutions to fit their budget and pocket when building as well as provide efficient service delivery.  The company was formed and registered in East London in August 2019. MISRA (Instrumentation) is the newly developed technology by KoliMonty which specializes in technologically advanced products and services to enhance sustainable transportation and sustainable green roads.  We offer our clients solutions to their huge revenue losses caused by pavement failure and deterioration at an infant age of pavement lifespan. We provide a solution towards increased maintenance cost without achieving positive and durable results. Pavement is the backbone of a country’s economic growth, therefore the need to properly safeguard and maintain one of the most expensive infrastructural assets cannot be over emphasized.

Company Representative

Samuel Abejide

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Contact Number

078 928 9759